News by Andrew Davis

September 22, 2016
I am excited to announce a new collaboration with Variant 6, a Philadelphia-based vocal sextet.  They will be premiering a new piece of mine in the spring and performed in several concerts afterward.

June 3, 2016
Here is the second recording of several that I will be posting over the next few weeks. Its a collaboration between me and soprano Alexandra Porter that we did a little over a year ago.  I did the recording and mixing myself.  

May 25, 2016
With the semester over at UPenn, I have had a chance to put together some of the recordings from the past semester.  I'll be posting several from the last few months.  First up is Sing Sweetly, Run Swiftly.  It was recorded in Hi5Studios.  Here's a picture of the place from my earlier recording there of Night Visions.  I mixed the recording myself.  Click on the Chamber Ensemble tab at the top to listen.

March 30, 2016
Hummingbirds has won second prize in the Belvedere Chamber Music Festival Composition Contest.  It will be played by the Luna Nova Ensemble in Memphis, TN during the four day festival from June 15-19.

March 21, 2016
TC4 founded by my friend Andrew Harrison has released a new self-titled CD that features Funk Off on it.  It sounds amazing.  The link to CD can be found here.  I've also posted the recording of Funk Off to Soundcloud which can be found by clicking on Chamber Ensemble at the top and then selecting Funk Off. 

March 13, 2016
This Thursday, March 17, my piece Hummingbirds will be featured on Composers Circle. 
Composers Circle offers a daily feature on a composer and his music and is a great resource for composers to share their music with other like-minded musicians.
Link for the site is here:

March 8, 2016
In September I will be doing a residency at Wildacres Retreat in North Carolina where I'll have a chance to work on my dissertation.  I'm so happy to be able to spend a week in that beautiful part of the country

January 25, 2016
I'm pleased to announce that my chamber piece Sing Sweetly, Run Swiftly will be published by Fatrock Music.  The piece will also be played again here in Philadelphia on March 30th at the University of Pennsylvania.  Additionally, the piece will be recorded in Hi5 Studios on April 3rd.  

December 20, 2015
Last February I recorded and did a video shoot of my solo piano piece at Hi5 Studios in Philadelphia.  Many thanks to my friend Charlie Magnone for his artistry and to Ben Reismann for his recording, editing and mixing.  The video is located in the featured video section to the right.

Events and DAtes

December 5th, 2016
Seek - Curtis Orchestra
Gould Hall, Philadelphia, PA

November 16, 2016
I Walk The Path Before Me - Nathaniel LaNasa
What's Next? - Students at the Curtis Institute of Music
University of Pennsylvania

November 4, 2016
I Walk The Path Before Me (premier) - Nathaniel LaNasa
Third Street Music School Settlement
New York City, NY

June 17, 2016
Hummingbirds - Luna Nova Ensemble
Belvedere Chamber Music Festival, Memphis, TN

June 15, 2016
What's Next? - Ashley Shank, Douglas Owens, Sun Min Kim
IFC3 at Indiana University of Pennslyvania

March 18, 2016
In It Together - Prism Saxophone Quartet
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

December 7, 2015
Sing Sweetly, Run Swiftly - Players at the Curtis Institute
Curtis School of Music, Philadelphia, PA

November 7, 2015
Funk Off - TC4 Quartet
Classical Revolution: LA, Los Angeles, CA

November 6, 2015
Funk Off - TC4 Quartet
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

November 4, 2015
Hummingbirds - Nathaniel LaNasa, Lorenzo Raval, Thomas LaForgia, Allison Herz, Michele Kelly, Robert Whalen
University of Pennsylvania