My name is Andrew Davis and I am a composer and electric guitarist currently living in Philadelphia.  I am thoroughly fascinated by all musical sound and, in particular, the journey that music can take you on. I've written for a variety of media ranging from the electroacoutic to acoustic to multimedia and collaborated with some amazing artists and musicians. My early musical experiences were in rock, funk, and jazz. This led me on a path to improvisation and ultimately composition which is now my primary musical activity.  For more information on me and my music, please click on the about page or feel free to contact me by email through the contact button above.

recent news

Sep 23, 2014

Its been a busy semester and I'm currently plugging away on an orchestra piece to be read by the Curtis Orchestra in December as well as a string quartet for the Daedalus Quartet.  Also I'm working on my first electronic project in a while.  Its a piece for tape and alto saxophone to be premiered by Andrew Harrison.  I'm excited to see the development of all these projects!

Jun 19, 2014

I have two new sounds posted to soundcloud.  The first is the recording from the premier of my new violin and piano piece called Big Sky played by Min-Young Kim and Nathaniel LaNasa (click here).  The other is an excerpt from the premier of my new piano piece Night Visions by Charlie Magnone.  Charlie and I are going to get into the studio in the next coming months to record it but here is a taste of the piece (click here).

Mar 24, 2014

I have two upcoming concerts: the premier of my solo piano piece, Night Visions, and the premier of my violin and piano piece, Big Sky.  Night Visions will be performed by Charlie Magnone at the Jessen Auditorium on the University of Texas at Austin campus at 8:00PM, Thursday March 27th.  Big Sky will be performed by violinist Min-Young Kim of the Daedalus Quartet and pianist Nathaniel LaNasa at 8:00PM, Wednesday April 9th, in the Rose Recital Hall on the University of Pennsylvania campus.